Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Although setting up a Banners Broker primarily earns revenue, there is still an added benefit of creating an advertising campaign. Starting an advertising campaign requires a 'banner' to be advertisied. If you dont already have 'banners' for the product or website you wish to promote, you will need to create some or use the ones provided by Banners Broker to advertise Banners Broker and promote your member link (see Sales Credits). There are two steps in managing advertising inpressions & campaigns:

1) Gaining Impressions

2) Creating an Advertising Campaign

Gaining Impressions

An impression is a single display of a banner on any website. An impression does not have to be clicked; it is simply a banner / advertisement available to be seen by the person viewing the website. Impressions can be gained from panels or from impression packs. Each colour of panel has a specific number of impressions available. They range from 1000 with yellow panels to 243,000 with black panels. Impressions are easily obtained from panels by simply clicking the blue button'Get Impressions' which appears next to the 'Transfer' and 'Lock' button once the panel has been qualified. Once this button has been clicked, it will disappear and the relevant number of impressions will be added into the impression bank. The impression bank can be viewed by navigating to Campaigns >> Impression Bank. On the creation of a free banners broker account, the impression bank is automatically credited with 1000 free impressions.

Impressions can be collected from each panel that is in the inventory. The panel does not have to be qualified.

Impressions can also be obtained from 'Impression Packs'. One pack adds 25,000 impressions to the impression bank and costs $25. To buy an impression pack navigate to Purchase >> Impression Packs.

Creating an Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaigns aim to drive traffic to a particular website using banners. An advertising campaign uses the available impressions from the impression bank i.e. it displays your banners advertisement as many times as your impression bank value will allow. An advertising campaign can be created by navigating to Campaigns >> Manage Campaigns and clicking 'Create New Campaign'. Currently banners can be displayed on The Choice Network (you pick the website for the banners to be displayed on) or The Blind Network (you do not pick the website but can target the audience geo-graphically). Only three blind network campaigns and ten choice network campaigns can run at any one time.

Creating an advertising campaign is self explanatory but The Enterprise Team have created some tips to help:

  1. Give your campaign a name related to the site or product you are advertising
  2. Blind network - Choose the category of the website you are promoting. This will target your impressions to people more likely to click on your banner
  3. Start your target impressions at a low number to test your banner. Once you are satisfied that your banner attracts people then this can be modified at a later date
  4. After uploading your banner, it will display on screen for at least five minutes.
  5. If you do not have a website or product to promote, utilise Banners Brokers own banners and promote them using your member’s link. You may obtain sales credits this way! (banners can be downloaded from Campaigns >> Company Banners

If you need any assistance in creating / managing your advertising campaign then as alwasy please contact The Enterprise Team.


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